The arrival of winter in Northern Lapland has shown us the behavior of the animal kingdom. The beginning of the winter reveals us signs of some animals we had no cognition for the whole summer. The amount of tracks might be surprising. The whiteness exposes more than animals though, which sometimes makes us wonder.

The leaves have fallen from the trees and it is said to be the time of year, when souls wander on Earth. Our country does not celebrate Halloween like some others parts of the world, but I decided to find out, if there are some mystical vibes in the arctic air anyway.

If there is one place in this country, that really still has remains of the ancient superstition and faith in nature, it is Lapland, for sure. What is it about this place, that made it retain something unexplainable, when the world turned the page?

Hunting charms


Huntsmen experience their physic and psychic wellness growing in the wild, like being under a spell. Do you notice anything special about the whistle of the wet trees drying up in the fire? What about the red dawn behind the fells? It is about how you look at it. Maybe they are hints from the guardian of the woods. I...

Fall is a good time to remind people about the strong powers of nature. These forces are something to be respected, or it could go badly for you in the wilderness. Heavy rains, thick mist and strong, cold winds are characteristic for fall time. The weather will always be ten times tougher on the fells.

The bewitching first snow arrived yesterday in Northern Lapland and it is still on the ground, but there has been frozen mornings for a month already. There are definite signs of a change in the air. The impermeable darkness of the night arrives early and the earth has changed colors. The change creates strange enchantment.

Lapland has a hidden legacy. The area was brutally burned down during the Lapland War. Some of the areas were over 90% destroyed. People lost their homes and had to watch them burn. Numerous roads and bridges were vanished and Lapland had to be reborn. It was the time of losses and unearthly things.

We have a great share of unexplained myths, but gladly, some of them are scientifically proven to be true and some of them have been found out to be correct by experimenting in the northern wilderness.

What kind of signs of the unexplainable does the arctic nature give us? I wrote down some of the ancient beliefs and nature phenomenons from the endless list and added an example from real life into each one.