This very real story includes a shipwreck and multiple witch-like activities. It took place this weekend at a beautiful, but ominous lake in Northern Lapland.

Animals are important in northern cultures. Finding antlers or teeth is supposed bring luck and there are a lot of them in the forests of Northern Lapland. What other magical powers do the arctic animals have?

Inspired by Pocahontas, I stood on top of a Lapland mountain, gazing into the wilderness, with the childhood song playing on the background. The wind was blowing so hard, I could lean on it. It was so good together, I rephrased a tribute from the legend, just for Northern Lapland.

Why is my blood mysteriously pulling me towards North? Maybe the unexplainable connection to Lapland is something I was born with. My journey to the long lost home.

Kaldoaivi is the biggest and probably one of the least-known wilderness areas in Finland, located in the northernmost spot of Lapland. It is the arctic dream of a true hiker. These treeless highlands are the home of undying memories.

Over time, many have wondered about the origin of the tiny lakes that are all over the Lapland mountains. How can there be water running out and numerous red-stomached arctic char swimming around without a source of water? Is there something else in the water too?

Paddling through the nightless night, the legendary gold panning rivers, an ancient fjord or maybe the "sea of Lapland". An alternative way to hike and explore the magic of the northern summer - paddling. There are countless amount of routes to choose from, but some of them have the most legendary stories.

The promised land of great fishing stories and strong passion is Teno river. The northern kingdom of giant salmon is age-old and deserves a tribute of its own.