Articles about the mysterious and unexplainable Lapland

Born billions of years ago, older than the South, older than the mountains of North... Endured wicked spells and continental ice over and over... Grown trees during the ice age... Frost still hiding in the swamps... Today we call it tough, tougher, Lapland.

Lappish kitchen is reason enough to visit the northern location. The pure flavors of the forests and streams combined with the ambiance by the fire offer mind-blowing experiences. Read about the nature emphasizing food culture and check out some of my favorite recipes.

Lapland is the largest and most rarely populated region in Finland. You'll find some of the most beautiful, harsh and surprising drives following the long and narrow northern roads.

There are pitch black moments in the days of Lapland as well as in the depth of night. Exploring without light can be too exciting for some people. But what if we let our senses do their best and discover new beauty in the arctic nature?

It has been two months since the darkness covered all of Northern Lapland. It is time for the endless night to step away pulling the shadow off from the head of the Finnish Maiden. The end of polar night and the first beam of the sun stand for many things and certainly calls for celebration.

The superior season was late, so I went looking for it. My first thought was "it must be hiding on the arctic fells". A polar night adventure.

The arrival of winter in Northern Lapland has shown us the behavior of the animal kingdom. The beginning of the winter reveals us signs of some animals we had no cognition for the whole summer. The amount of tracks might be surprising. The whiteness exposes more than animals though, which sometimes makes us wonder.

The leaves have fallen from the trees and it is said to be the time of year, when souls wander on Earth. Our country does not celebrate Halloween like some others parts of the world, but I decided to find out, if there are some mystical vibes in the arctic air anyway.

If there is one place in this country, that really still has remains of the ancient superstition and faith in nature, it is Lapland, for sure. What is it about this place, that made it retain something unexplainable, when the world turned the page?