When the wind blows over the Lapland mountains, can you hear something else through the wind? The soul of the white reindeer might belong to someone else.

Diving into the most thrilling campfire stories and experiences from the land of mystery. Haunted cabins, unexplainabe sights in the wilderness, local legends and much more.

Lapland is a huge arctic area with a small population and huge history. Almost everything here seems to have some kind of unexplainable story or belief behind it.

What can happen in a place, where the nights are darker, the weather is colder and the nature has a strange kind of bewitching element.

One of the most haunted wilderness cabins, that is maintained by the government, is located right where the proper Lapland mountain scenery starts from. This legend is pretty famous and it has many witnesses and stories behind it.

War time has a habit of bringing up more ghost stories and supernatural happenings, than any other time period. This may have something to do with so many people dying or the fact, that people are tense and on the edge all the time.