A piece of the early Earth


Born billions of years ago, older than the South, older than the mountains of North... Endured wicked spells and continental ice over and over... Grown trees during the ice age... Frost still hiding in the swamps...  Today we call it tough, tougher, Lapland.

"a billion years younger"

Southern Finland is about a billion years younger than the northern parts of our country. When the Earth was young, the southern parts were in the bottom of the sea.

"under the continental ice several times"

The area, that is now called Lapland, has been under the continental ice several times. And how has the ice shaped the ridges, moved the rocks and dived into the soil... The whole county has been under the ice, but the northern nature has endured the grinding of the frost again and again. When the next ice age takes over our land, Lapland shall be the gate for it again.

"They have seen a lot more than the high mountain tops in Norway"

The fells, the mountains of Lapland, have taken a fair share of the beating too. They have seen a lot more than the high mountain tops in Norway, as the mountains there are younger than ours. Even the tough birch trees of the fell environment have grown in Lapland during a warm season of an ice age.

"the land of the giants"

When it comes to the fells, there are legends. The "arm of the Finnish maiden" is the real "Fell Lapland" district and according to the tales, Lapland used to be the land of the giants. Those giants are now frozen down and rest forever in the shapes of fells. So maybe one of the ice ages really was a wicked spell of the sorcerers of the Arctic ocean and the mistresses of Pohjola, which was the end of the giant era. The area of Fell Lapland was the last place in Finland covered with the ice of the last ice age.


There are grounds in the world that are frozen for years or permanently. This phenomenon called "permafrost" is usually at least ten meters deep and can be a thousand. There might be permafrost in certain swamp types in Lapland. The most famous of these kind of endangered swaps is located right by a sacred fell in Northern Lapland and this swamp is a huge open area. 

Maybe the last ice age or the last enchantment of some great northern sorcerers left drops of the icy magic deep in the soil of Lapland. Maybe this is the reason for all the mystery.

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