Burned down Lapland


Lapland has a hidden legacy. The area was brutally burned down during the Lapland War. Some of the areas were over 90% destroyed. People lost their homes and had to watch them burn. Numerous roads and bridges were vanished and Lapland had to be reborn. It was the time of losses and unearthly things.

 "The fatal call, that destroyed the homes of so many"

As a part of the World War II, Finland and Germany had their own (at the time, undeclared) war in the northern parts of Finland. Passing through the terrain, was essential to Germany. The fatal call, a revenge, that destroyed the homes of so many, was given by a commander of the German mountain troops. The destruction of important centers of population and the battle between former comrades, burned deep scars in the nation.

"finding reminders of the war, will never fully be over"

Still to this day, there are army men clearing out very dangerous remains from the war. This clearing process will continue for several decades, even though it has been almost 80 years. They say, that finding reminders of the war, will never fully be over. The haunting of the war won't stop.

People were evacuated to West and South, but they had a rush to get back home. Some of them returned before the permission, that they did get after the German troops crossed the Norwegian border. The buildings were basically remains and there was a lack of everything. The homes were wrecked, some of the livestock was still missing and there was a huge work to be done.

"one fatal fall day"

These two comrades, Finland and Germany, didn't want to fight against each other, but there was a big force in the East side of Finland, stating, that German soldiers should be driven away. This was not well received with the Germans.

One fatal fall day, the German troops slipped and did something, that got out of hand. The places, that were supposed to be burned down, were planned in advance. By just a "small" mistake, a huge damage was done. There was something flammable, war objects, left out of the calculations and very quickly, there was an ocean of flames. Basically, "the capital of Lapland" was on fire. This increased or at least showed Finland, the revenge mood of our new enemy... This event is still not fully clear, as many of them aren't. The fire blocked escape ways from Germany too.

"Lapland, that burned down in the souls of our nation"

The biggest and probably rawest battle in the North, was not on our soil. Not anymore, but it must have still felt like that. It was more of the "Lapland, that burned down in the souls of our nation". By the time, the area belonged to Russia, but it had been a part of Finland. The huge battle happened in the "lost arm of the maiden of Finland" between Russia and Germany. They do say, that people can still feel a limb after losing it, so why wouldn't a country feel the same? Not one of the battling parties succeeded at what they aimed for, in the lost lands of the North. I like to believe, that there was some Finnish guts (something we are famous for) left at the land, from the times, that our people spent there.

"the time of so many unexplainable events"

I find the prosperity after war and such damaging history, very beautiful. There is something else fascinating about the war too, it was the time of so many unexplainable events and the beginning of great ghost stories. There are mysterious beliefs too, from that time. People used to believe, that the dead ones had magical powers. The eye lids are closed for a reason, otherwise you might catch a death look and the be next to go. 

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