Campfire stories from the land of mystery


"No one lives or actively stays in these cabins"

There are several deserted wilderness cabins in the huge wilderness areas around northern Lapland, in the middle of nowhere. No one lives or actively stays in these old cabins. They are open for hikers and such nature wanderers to spend their nights in. These dwellings are certainly practical for taking a break, warming up or cooking but they are also beautiful and mysterious. Many of these places have ghost stories told by the people who stayed in them. I really appreciate that they are kept in shape and often visit these wilderness cabins. I like to play with the idea of haunted stories but my company does not always appreciate that much tension by the campfire.

"a mysterious sight in the lake"

This specific wilderness cabin by a lake is a place I like to go and a place that contains stories. At this place there is an open hut by the shore to have your campfire in. Usually locals passing by have their warm up breaks at the hut and prepare snacks by the fire. It is a straight line of sight from the hut to the lake. The shore is a popular spot for hikers to go swimming and take a bath in between long hikes. Some have seen a mysterious sight in the lake just a short distance away from the shore and the cabin. It is a shape of a woman, standing on the water. Maybe this is imagination, a ghost of a woman or something explained in old beliefs.

The cultures of Finland and the native nations of Lapland have a similar mystical character. This character lives in water and is often used to frighten children not to go too deep in the water or even close to the water or this creature will take them. In many stories this creature is in a form of a woman. The woman could also be a guardian of the water.  There are good and bad spirits in the old beliefs.

"beliefs about the true hikers of the fells - the reindeer"

There is also a bunch of beliefs about the true hikers of the fells - the reindeer. Have you ever heard about the legends regarding the white reindeer? There is said to be something magical about the pure colored crown heads that wander in the wilderness of Lapland. If you have seen a herd or encountered many reindeer, it is probable that a white one has come your way too. A belief states that this creature brings good luck and for that, is wanted among the herders. They can also be considered as sacred or divine. Some stories tell that the white reindeer was once a human, that the animal has the soul of a passed one, maybe one that belonged to a hunter. 

A very common legend is that there is an ingredient in the reindeer antlers that has a refreshing effect on the sexual virility of men. The powder made from the antlers can be bought from shops around northern Finland. According to northern beliefs some reindeer are crucial when it comes to the supernatural powers of a shaman - the closest thing to a witch in Lapland.

Whether or not these stories and beliefs have truth in them, they certainly add mystery and interest in anyone's journey in Lapland.

LaplandU Girl