Ghost of the Lapland War


War time has a habit of bringing up more ghost stories and supernatural happenings, than any other time period. This may have something to do with so many people dying or the fact, that people are tense and on the edge all the time.

"The War of Lapland haunts the minds of people"

The War of Lapland haunts the minds of people, even though, it's getting closer to 80 years from the bloody tragedy. Two unwilling parties had to shed blood and damage really was done, from both sides. The ocean of fire destroyed the homes of the northern people. Many of the ghost stories and so called haunted places in Lapland, have history with German soldiers.

Places, that were used as military hospitals, are also considered eerie. I have actually seen one, that is said to be haunted, but unfortunately, I have no greater story from there, not yet at least. There was another building next to it, a deserted mansion, that had foot steps coming from inside. Anyway, as far as I know, it could've been anyone. That mansion is talked about, like it's a horror film set, though. It really was a creepy sight.

"legend of a hitchhiker"

There is this very well-known legend of a hitchhiker around Finland. In some stories, it is a mourning woman, dressed in black. All the versions have some sort of a creepy figure, on the side of the road. If you don't pick up the hitchhiker, they'll appear in the back seat. If you do, they'll disappear eventually. The story has been told for at least 50 years. In Lapland, there are certain roads, that have this similar legend. One has a particular war time story behind it.

"a bus load of civilians were burned"

Maybe this legend could be the original one, since according to the story, this tragedy happened long before, the "hitchhiker" got famous. They say, during the Lapland War, when the Germans were withdrawing, a bus load of civilians were burned. This happened by a remote rocky road, that leads up to a lake.

Driving by that road at the right time, a young girl might appear in front of you. An autumn full moon, in the middle of the night, could just be the fatal time. By stopping, you'll make her come closer and driving past her, invites her to appear in the back seat. This person will be no harm though. I haven't tried this one out, but have certainly passed this crossroads may times and thought about it.

There are other legends like this by the roads of Lapland and as I have understood, the spirits of the ones passed on the road, like to appear as figures close to their death place too. Like for instance, this man, that died on the bridge of a Lapland road, is spotted around that bridge and apparently he has this creepy hitchhiker personality too.

"the ghosts were more of the visiting type"

During the war, the ghosts were more of the vising type. Not like the ones, that nowadays appear inside the car. People saw appearances of their loved ones at home, knocking on the door or standing in a corner. After the appearance, a death report suddenly arrived from the front. What is mind-blowing, is that there are so many stories like that.

People have experienced a lot of other unexplainable things, that have showed them, what was going to happen, even their own deaths at the front. A glance to the future attack, might have saved a few human lives. The most striking thing about these events is, that there are a lot of people at the front. Can they all imagine the same thing or is it in fact a real experience, if they have all witnessed it?

Dead men, from the Lapland War, have been walking from those days to the present time, but most of them do go away permanently, after haunting for a while. I can see the frustration and despair in the eyes of the soldiers, when they realize, the enemy is not even alive and still standing. How can you fight a spirit?

LaplandU Girl