Haunting cabins and supernatural reindeer


One of the most haunted wilderness cabins, that is maintained by the government, is located right where the proper Lapland mountain scenery starts from. This legend is pretty famous and it has many witnesses and stories behind it.

"this spirit likes to hunt bear"

The deserted cottage is situated right by a skiing trail, in an area, that attracts a lot of travelers. There is actually a board on the wall, with some thoughts of the ghost. Apparently this spirit likes to hunt bear, follow the skiing people and listen to the stories of the travelers. The cabin is not available for over night stays anymore, but is still a good spot to take a lunch break. It doesn't even seem creepy.

Anyway, the visitors of the place have experienced disturbing stuff throughout the years. The cabin on the spot is not even the original one, but the haunting hasn't stopped. According to stories, a couple of reindeer herders burned down the original cottage, because of the haunting.

They say, that the ghost belongs to someone carrying the post, who went missing in the wilderness with their child years and years ago. According to some rumors, that person was killed there. There is presumably another kill too, a reindeer thief. It is even stated, that a curious guest wanted to resolve the case and actually found a skeleton under the building. Those remains were never indentified.

When people have stayed the night in this place, they have witnessed things being thrown around and floating in the air. I hear, that the wind has played a song for them too. There has been knocking on the floor and an ax being used outside. Also in this place, the door has a life of it's own. Some of these things can be read from the guest book.

"the bird didn't die"

Another legendary deserted cabin I'd like to mention is located in the northwestern Lapland. I have heard an intriguing story about a nightly stay of a man, that had to leave before dawn. According to the story, he tried to kill a willow grouse standing on the roof, with a shotgun. He did hit it multiple times, but the bird didn't die. After a while, it flew away.

Later on, the same person, heard a reindeer sleigh and a herder parking in front of the cabin. The reindeer was released and fed, the voices were clear. Then, the wind blew the door open and revealed, that there was nothing there. The fire went out and objects fell on the floor. This was apparently too much for the man and he decided to move along.

"some tough haunting"

That certainly is not the only ghostly story related to reindeer or the herders. More than hundred years ago, in Northern Lapland, there was this rich reindeer herder, with a huge herd. They said, that he used to pray for the greatest evil for the fortune. This backfired eventually and there was some tough haunting at his place.

This raging spirit was very loud and used to ramble and rattle around the house. As usual, the lights had the mind of their own. The herder himself didn't care about it. But, his money was stolen and the reindeer started to die towards the end. Also, his sick child had a problem with the spirit, so eventually, they called someone with knowledge to do something about it. This Norwegian person made it stop. I have no idea, if this previously haunted place still exists, but I just might find it out at some point.

"the white reindeer"

Moving to another legend, the white reindeer is supposed to bring luck, but is also connected to the horror genre. There is magic in it and possibly a soul of a human inside. They do look like ghosts, but are of course real living animals. Or are they? According to one legend, a white reindeer had followed a skiing man around the fells. He was from South, but had history with this northern girl. He had moved on. After he got home, he received a note from the girl. She told she had been watching him at the skiing trip.

One story says that a snowmobile driver saw a white reindeer turn into a woman... and she turned out to be his destiny.

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