Lapland as the last harbour


Once in a blue moon someone enters Lapland and their intention is just to make a short visit. But there is something inside them that makes it impossible to ever go back

They had no idea the feeling of home ever existed. They might even think poorly of the great remote area at first. Then there is something that triggers a powerful feeling of belonging. It might be a view that suddenly becomes sacred to the viewer. That feeling not only takes their breath away, but sweeps them off their feet and all the sudden even a thought of leaving is too painful. After that experience, Lapland is their only home and nothing ever compares to it.

"the great North calling"

But be not afraid. Those who have the great North calling in their soul, are always happy to find the thing they never knew was missing. There are so many to pass by us. For several of them it is a yearly tradition. Some leave with a heavy heart and some are happy to have seen what they have seen and to go home with those memories. There are people that can not wait to leave this place to see the world. There is always a part of that group that finds themselves returning and missing home though. In the end, the magic of Lapland does not reach every heart, but it most certainly is real.

For those who have interest to explore this beloved arctic district or maybe have always had some kind of  feature in their blood that pulls towards North, we welcome you with open arms. Me and many others with the same story, we will be here

LaplandU Girl