Lapland has the remains of magic


If there is one place in this country, that really still has remains of the ancient superstition and faith in nature, it is Lapland, for sure. What is it about this place, that made it retain something unexplainable, when the world turned the page?

"especially mythical vibes"

People travel to see the remains of castles and the structure of historical nations. These remains are different. I'm sure there are other areas with especially mythical vibes on this planet too. This arctic land is certainly one of them. The nature of Lapland is famous for the strange enchantment, that can put the biggest hater under its spell. People are drawn to something mysterious, that is hidden in the huge wilderness areas of the northern land.

There are mythical places like "Atlantis", that are well-known to people. The fact, that the way to paradise should be found from the bottom of the waters of Lapland, sure increases the mystic vibe.

"extra-ordinary connections between people and nature"

You'll find extra-ordinary connections between people and nature here. The folk knows a lot about the animals in general and are often skillful in predicting the weather and such things. There must be something about being so close to nature.

"the heart of shamanism"

Lapland is the home of Santa Claus and the final grave of the giants. These are the legendary gold lands as well as a piece of the purest nature in the world. In the promised land of lone wolfs, the elements of the wilderness are endless. This is the heart of shamanism and the birthplace of the Lappish attitude and way of living. There is certainly a lot of epic history and belief about the place.

"the reason for all the mystery"

There is so much untouched, it just may be the reason for all the mystery. Why don't we play with the idea for a minute... If this magic of nature used to exist everywhere and started to slowly disappear, when people started to drift further and further from wilderness, shaping it into something unnatural... Would it be surprising, that the places, that have most of the remains, have low population density and are located in the middle of wilderness far away from everything?

"ancient learnings are gaining more strength among the nation"

We can still have some mystery in our lives. Magical and ancient learnings like shamanism are actually gaining more strength now among the nation. People are starting to look back at the nature again.

Once again I say, it's about how you look at it. What kind of unexplainable things and places can be found from around the globe? Maybe there are weakening traces from something old and forgotten... Or maybe, they have always been and always will. Things can stay hidden, if they are not noticed.

LaplandU Girl