Legend of the old church

"a figure in the window"

According to the legend, you have to knock three times on the door and go around the church three times at midnight to see a figure in the window.

A few years ago, I lived in an area called "Sea Lapland". I had just started jogging and was looking for new surroundings to run in. I have always liked long walks in the nature, especially night time, when it's probable, that I'll be the only one on the trail. As a fan of anything exciting, I prefer the ambiance at night. Also, I have no fear, so I often go after these intriguing things.

I was looking for a trail in the nature, a bit further from the road. The village was located at an estuary and there was this trail, that followed the river. The way to the trail was through a yard of an old church, that was not in use anymore. It was fall time and I went jogging in twilight, so I knew it was going to get dark soon. I could still see well, when I entered the church yard, through its iron gate.

"full of crosses and graves"

I had to look around, the place was really beautiful. The stone church was small, but the ceiling was high. There was a huge arch door with ring-shaped pull handles. The yard was surrounded by a fence and it was full of crosses and graves. The grave stones had about five names in one and there where visible mounds in front of each stone. I even tried to look inside from the windows, but they were pretty high. I could see a huge candelabra and the church benches.

It slowly started getting darker and I ran off to the trail. Once I got further, I had to look back at the church. There were no lights and the roof and the cross shapes were the only thing I could recognize anymore. I'm not sure if the feeling was bad at all, but I felt that someone was following me, watching me from behind. I glanced a few times, but then just focused on the music coming from my head phones. That for some reason, became my every day trail.

"a mummy inside the old building"

Once I randomly talked with some locals about the church and they told me, there was a mummy inside the old building and that they open doors for tours during summer. A man of the church, was in the floor of that old building. But then, they told me the best thing; there was a ghost legend about the place. "Knock three times, go around three times and look at the window. At midnight." At that moment, I knew, I had to go back at midnight.

I did some research and found out, that the mummy was something extra ordinary. The body was not embalmed and it was different from other frost dry bodies. Back in his day, the pastor had said, that if he was telling the truth, his body would never rotten. There were also dozens of other bodies found under the floor of the church, as it was a custom back then.

I have been to many places with this kind of stories and I like to take a partner with me. Once again, I asked someone, that was also intrigued by things like this. Even though, I always said, "I don't believe in anything", it didn't feel like a good idea to go alone.

"it felt wrong to go in"

We went there at 00.00. The gate was open, but somehow it felt wrong to go in, even we were just going to walk around. There was already snow on the ground and foot steps, that went up to the trail. Something on the yard captured the eye; a small building with its door open. I was encouraged to go have a look. I put my head through the pitch-black door way and at first, saw nothing. Then I looked down with a flashlight and saw, that the bottom of the floor was 1-2 meters below. In the black substance, I saw something, that looked like a shinbone. Next to that, there was a definite skull of a human.

I took a few steps back, feeling like I did something very wrong. There was a smoky smell and I didn't feel like exploring more of that. We moved closer to the church itself. In front of the arch door, I was wondering, whether we should knock or walk first. I decided to do the knocking. That sound echoed inside the old building. Then we started to go around the place, looking at the windows and everything around us skeptically.

Once there was just the last round to go, my partner said "wait a minute". We didn't even know which window to look at. We decided to check them all. On the first side there was a light, that had been green on the first and on the second round. It was red. On the back side of the church, I looked at the window and a weird feeling came up. Suddenly I imagined, that I got inside. How hard it would be to move back to the door, seeing my partner from the window and knowing, that someone was going to appear to me on my way.

"My eyes were locked"

Anyway, I said nothing and continued walking. We didn't find anything too strange, so we walked out back to the street. I just stopped and turned around. There was the smallest window in the top part of the church. My eyes were locked. As if there was something white, shaped like a face. I was thinking to myself "come on, that's really nothing". "What is it?" I heard, but said nothing back. She never believed I saw nothing.

A while later, I moved into an apartment, still close to the church. I was going to be living alone there, after a long time. There was nothing special about the apartment, it was just gloomy and gave me the creeps, from the first visit. Weirdly, I didn't spend many nights alone there, but when the time finally came...

"very disturbing voice whispering "wake up"."

I went to sleep normally. Many, many hours later I was woken up by a very disturbing voice whispering "wake up". It was very clear, that the voice came from next to my bed and that voice belonged to a little girl. My heart was pounding like crazy. What was happening!? It was pitch-black in the room and I couldn't see anything. I tried to see it, even I really didn't want to. I actually heard bare foot steps going around my bed. After a while, it got quiet.

I wanted to go under the blanket, but I realized, I couldn't move anything, but my face. I was laying on my back for a while, until I suddenly felt, I could move again. I took the blanket and pulled it over my head. I had to take a breather. Then, I pulled myself back together and jumped up running to the light switch and after that, opening the drapes. I actually yelled "Who the hell is here!?", but there was no answer.

The fearless was actually scared. I called to my best friend and said, that something crazy had happened or I was going crazy. While speaking on the phone, I was Google searching and found a believable explanation; hypnagogia. This thing, that happens in between sleeping and waking up. Basically, it was a dream, that I saw, when I was awake. I was not crazy after all.

"when you're asleep, at your most vulnerable"

Now that I think about it, it was the only time in my life, this happened. If it happened for a reason, did I really disturb the peace of someone, that I should not have? They do say, that it would be easier to encounter a spirit, when you're asleep, at your most vulnerable.

LaplandU Girl