Legendary cures from Lapland


"they are kept even sacred"

Do you think a glass of water from the right place could cure what ever is bothering you? Some of us most certainly do and many keep that kind of places close to heart. As certain places have been vital or meaningful to people, over time they are kept even sacred. There is a special water spring created by nature, a large one. This spring does not freeze up like most of our waters do during winter. So it is possible to get this water easily all year round. It is said that the water has healing powers. The place is also sort of mystical. It is the only place I have seen birds swimming in the middle of the winter. The water often rises a thick mist on the air, which increases the magical feel.

"things that are said to have healing powers"

Would you believe the answer to difficulties with conceiving lies at a lake behind the fells in Northern Lapland? I say many would not, but apparently there have been happy surprises. It is said that what you need to eat is in the head of a certain fish breed. After that, your problem will be gone.

This belief that specific places, elements or animals have a power to heal must come from somewhere. At least they are very good stories to tell. I never looked for any cure, but the water did not hurt me so I would definitely try other things that are said to have healing powers.

LaplandU Girl