Pitch black moments


There are pitch black moments in the days of Lapland as well as in the depth of night. Exploring without light can be too exciting for some people. But what if we let our senses do their best and discover new beauty in the arctic nature?

"a strange feeling of devotion suddenly surrounds the environment"

Switching off the headlights of the sled, any phones and headlamps in the dark, creates an atmosphere in the wilderness, where our senses are at their most accurate. A strange feeling of devotion suddenly surrounds the environment. We can't see everything, but some things will be clearer than ever. Our sights get better and better as the minutes pass by. The stars, the auroras, the lights of the village in the distance, will be at their most powerful. We might hear and smell better. Maybe even feel like we know what is in front of us in the pitch black.

"different in the dark"

The terrain looks different in the dark. So does the sky. They are definitely worth exploring. Even a camp fire feels like so much more, when there is no daylight. Imagination is one with our senses and darkness has a habit of making it run super fast. For some this might be a terrifying thought, but why don't you take it as a positive experience? Checking out the limits of your imagination... Letting it run free.  I ensure that this will bring inspiration to the ones who need it.

"it disappears completely"

The famous dark sky of Lapland shows itself at its strongest in the end of fall. The darkness is present any time but noon during polar night, as well as after it in night time, evening and morning. Towards the summer it disappears completely and makes room for the nightless night.

"I couldn't see my own hand"

I used to live alone in a cabin in the forest here in Northern Lapland. There were no streetlights going home and the driveway was a rocky serpentine path between birch trees. It was always full of animal prints like moose, reindeer and fox. I lived there for four months during the fall, the darkest time of the year. It was amazing. I had a habit of walking home without any light. I remember, I couldn't see my own hand in the darkest times. It was a mistake to take a look at the phone, cause the light always blinded me. I felt the road under my feet and thought about the animals that could see me, but I could never see. There was devotion in those walks for sure. 

"the sky lit on fire"

I have never used so many candles as I did living there, the atmosphere was mind-blowing. I could always here the birds and the white waters of the river. Such a solitude, not even far from the village. There in the front yard, in the middle of the most silent and beautiful fall night, the sky lit on fire. We stood outside in the cold for two hours with my friend, our necks hurting from looking up. The northern lights were all over, every shape, moving so fast...

I encourage everyone to take a twilight trip in the wild and stay the night in complete darkness. Take friends and supplies with you. Have a good time by the fire. Don't get lost. Find a safe spot, when there is still some light. Let the darkness take over. Experience the best of night in good ambiance.

LaplandU Girl