Signs of the unexplainable


What kind of signs of the unexplainable does the arctic nature give us? I wrote down some of the ancient beliefs and nature phenomenons from the endless list and added an example from real life into each one.

"ability to kill evil"

A rainbow in Lapland, is actually a spiritual bow, with the ability to kill evil as well as predict the upcoming weather with the location, shape and height of it. Rainbows can suck water out of lakes and drop it over their victim, maybe this is the way they kill enemies? I have certainly witnessed, that rainbows declare the end of the rain, as the double ones do not. Last time I saw a high and round one, that is supposed to predict good weather, there was a storm right after and then the calmest weather for the next day.

The heart of winter splits the hardest, coldest and darkest period of the year in two. During this time, the voice of a crow in the morning predicts a mild weather, as well as the voice in the evening predicts frost. Moving into January does feel like a sort of victory here. Crows do like to stay close to the place I live and sometimes they have made such noises, that woke me up in the morning. These days were pretty mild-weathered as I remember. 

"when there is a frost night coming"

When the animals get closer to people, as in they were looking for shelter, there is upcoming snow or severe frost. Okay I'm not a reindeer herder or a dog owner, but my foster cat sure likes to spend a lot of time close to me, when there is a frost night coming. Sometimes there are moose around the house too.

The red sunset is the rain of the dawn. Definitely. The most beautiful red twilight I ever saw, brought the loudest rain that woke me up next morning.

Your wishes will come true under a shooting star, but these appearances predict bad weather. I did make a wish under the shooting stars in the middle of the arctic wilderness and it came true. The next morning was the first snow.

"a whistle will take you away"

Beware of the northern lights, a whistle will take you away and the auroras at the tree line predict freezing weather. The flames up in the middle of the sky bring snow fall. I have actually never tried the whistle thing, but howling seemed to make them bigger and closer. Last time, they began from the tree line and the next night was very cold, more than 10 degrees lower than before. The last time I saw the auroras taking over the whole sky, the next day brought the first snow and it was raining all day long.

"I'll take it as good luck"

Spotting a bird predicts good or bad things about your luck, depending on the species. I'll take it as good luck, when a pair of Siberian jay flew around us and we had no idea, if we were going to get out of the forest after our boat got broken at the shore. We did get a rescue boat before dark.

Finding remains like antlers or teeth is a good sign. Once I lived in a cabin, that I put a reindeer skull with antlers and a fur on the outside wall. The inside was full of antlers too, but the skull was the one, that I found from the yard just lying down in the grass. This home was the happiest, I have ever had. There are absolutely no bad memories from that place.

A white reindeer is the lucky charm of the herd. I have encountered many of these white individuals. I have actually been in a car accident, that killed a white deer, it was not marked. The other reindeer in the situation did not have any injuries, nor did us, sitting in the car. I also know, that these white creatures sometimes appear, like they came from nowhere, right at a very very happy moment.

"keep the wicked away"

Water will keep the wicked away. I know the waters here, that are kept sacred or said to have healing powers or an entrance to paradise under them. As I understood, it has been important to have water near to burial grounds to keep any evil away and still to this day, northern people still have close relationship to water. There's a river here, that represents life, a lake with cures inside the fish and a sacred spring. These waters are something people here want to protect and go to. I have to add, that the happy home I lived in, is located by a river, that carries the sacred water.

Birds and souls have a connection. A cuckoo singing in the neighborhood brings death. Yes, there has been a cuckoo and death in my neighborhood, but that's all I'll say about that. 

The migratory waterbirds can carry souls with them and as I have stated earlier, there is something very beautiful and wistful about them leaving every year. Maybe there is more. 

A bird passing by can be the soul of your lost one and that's why you should treat even the small birds on the yard with respect. According to the stories I've heard, it is probable, that there is something about the bird, that makes you realize the situation. 

Black or white birds will escort your soul away after death. All I can say is, I know which ones will be there for me already.

All this mystery is something to live for.

LaplandU Girl