Summoning winter


The superior season was late, so I went looking for it. My first thought was "it must be hiding on the arctic fells". A polar night adventure.

"The ice, the snow, the frost and the blow. These are the children of winter. A kindred spirit might feel the wait as unbearable, when the true winter is late. We shall summon our friend."

Sure the ground is white, but this is nothing yet. Not in the land of thicker ice and heavier layers of snow. Our wonderland is hiding. Bring it nature, and we shall make the best of it. Even the shoveling feels like a dear memory now. 

Towards the Lapland mountains we go, despite the lack of snow and the rocks still showing from under the white layer. 

No point trying to catch the daylight, the short moment of illusion has passed at noon. This is polar night. Gladly, the lights of the sled are powerful enough. The ride is bumpy and clattering. Crossing some unfrozen streams was not that comfortable, but possible. 

We have had the famous -40 degree weather already, but it was only for one day. Usually December and January have a lot of extremely cold days. And the amount of snow! Not even close to the past winters. But I guess there are always exceptions. There is still a silver lining though; this makes surviving easier for some animals regarding nutrition. The amount of work for herders or any other job regarding nature, animals or snow is affected too.

After a few hundred meters of climbing up on the Lapland highlands, there is a huge flat ground around us; a frozen swamp area with a comprehensive view. We could see the white fell top shimmering in the horizon as well as the long drop down to the valley. 

When we gazed at the sky behind us, there were colors in the dark. Magical.

The nature up there is pure arctic and usually that is where the winter sets its feet first. The pits and falls can have meters of snow but the windy hill slopes probably not so much. It is months from the first snow and even though it didn't last in the end, the fell top is a frosty place that will keep even the first snow until summer and maybe even further.

Even though I greatly miss the crazy amount of snow, I'm so glad we have it in the first place. For me, it sort of makes the year complete. And right now we still have the wonders of polar night to admire. Have the best winter!

LaplandU Girl