The most miraculous weekend in the arctic wilderness


Auroras showed us the way to our destination, we saw the last day of the fall color splendor and in one night, it was winter. This must have been the most magical experience I have ever had - the absolute best of Lapland.

It is getting closer to that time of year again and there is definitely something to remember.

"deep in the arctic wilderness, far away from any settlement"

Last fall, I took probably the best trip of my life and it was a cabin in the middle of the fells - the mountains of Lapland. This destination lies deep in the arctic wilderness, far away from any settlement. That time of year, the nights get really dark after a long time of light around the clock. Gladly, we had some flashlights with us to show the path over the fells.

"the sky above us woke up"

When the twilight turned into a night, the sky above us woke up. Stars everywhere... And then, the dancing green ribbons appeared. These northern lights had a life of their own. They were changing and moving on the sky. It was perfectly quiet. We had to stop to stare at what was going on around us.

At the destination, we lit up the fire place and warmed up some food to get cozy. The atmosphere was magical. We had to go back outside to sit on the porch and see the auroras fade away though. The wind was freezing, but no one cared. There was even a shooting star. I made a wish and that wish came true. It was the icing on the cake. After the nature performance, we got some rest in the warm cabin.

"rugged and beautiful"

We spent the next day wandering the gorgeous highlands and endless swamps around the cabin. The fall time is perfect for hunting and picking berries as well as hiking. We saw several flocks of beautiful white willow grouse taking of and there were so many berries on the ground, that they left traces on our clothes. At the beginning of the fall color time, the green turns into yellow and later come the red and the brown. This was in the end of that period and the ground had a dark tone, making the scenery rugged and beautiful.

"The next morning left us speechless"

Little that we knew, that day was the last day of fall. We were ready to fall a sleep, when we got back to the cabin. The next morning left us speechless. I took a look from the window. Everything was white, as far as the eye can see. It was really early for winter, but that first snow stayed. We gladly took another hike in the winter wonderland before leaving. Check out the difference from the pictures below.

I fell in love with Lapland long before that trip, but that weekend, nature really took me by surprise. I never know what is coming and that is the best thing about this place. This fall, I'm certainly looking for another experience like this.

LaplandU Girl