The ancient home of king salmon


The promised land of great fishing stories and strong passion is Teno river. The northern kingdom of giant salmon is age-old and deserves a tribute of its own.

"The river is a symbol of life"

The mighty river runs on top of the Maiden of Finland (On map, Finland appears as a shape of a maiden, who lost her other hand in war). The sight is easy on the eye; fells on both sides of the river and water so clear you can often see all the way to the bottom. The most beautiful road in Finland follows the river and is based on an old shore trail. The river is a symbol of life.

The gold of the river are the silver sided fish.

"catch the grand prey"

Every year fishermen from all around the world come to catch the grand prey and they come back religiously. This long-distance migratory fish travels too, back to the same river every year, from the other side of the globe. The size of some salmon individuals in this particular river is worth mentioning. There is a 20 kg club, maybe that explains something. 

A grand prey from Teno has a category of its own; a "tenner" is something that gets caught countless times every year and does not cut it. It depends on what is the biggest catch of the fisherman. The aim is always 5kg higher. The best aim at 25kg.

"The king of the river"

The king of the river is a large male salmon (Kojamo in Finnish) with a hook jaw - wild and hungry for a fight. They are said to be the kings of their own backwaters. Large rocks are named after these creatures, because they like to lurk behind them. The jaw bones get tough and can crush a lure at their best. These monsters are the ones that people spot and will even wait for them to appear in the same spot next year to catch them. When caught, they will put on a long fight, even upstream in the wildest rapids.

There are certainly challenges in catching a giant salmon. The lure, the time, the place, the weather... The way of catching. It is probable, that a prey like that is a once in a life time event, or more likely just a dream.

LaplandU Girl