The beautiful and mysterious darkness


"the last sunset of the present year"

When the polar night hits the northernmost areas of our country and it is time for the last sunset of the present year, the sky shows colors that have not been seen since the last winter. The view can be surprising, but it is definitely quiet and peaceful. Weirdly, the sight makes an impact on the people. It is like there has been a silence agreement to calm down for a while. People stay home a lot and there is hardly any fuss at public places for a couple of months. It is a real mental celebration when the first sunshine hits the villages.

During that silent time, there are always extremely cold nights and days. One might say polar night is the most challenging period in this land of great contrast. Some of us miss the light, energy and warmth of the sun, but there is also a lot to appreciate in the heart of winter. The sky shows its best when it is freezing, dark and clear. The space above us is filled with bright stars during the long night and for a few hours at day time, there is some kind of twilight zone with pastel colors everywhere.

"the most mysterious sky phenomenons are the northern lights"

Surely one of the most mysterious sky phenomenons are the northern lights. Those dancing ribbons and shapes can be seen from fall to spring but as said, the sun will not rise during polar night. The more time without sun, the more change to run into auroras. The stories tell that those dancing colors can have a voice. Some believe the phenomenon to be something to fear. To whistle, is one thing not to do under the northern lights or they will take you or other bad things will happen.

Despite the lack of sunlight, the darkest time is not even in winter, it is definitely the fall. During winter there is white snow on the ground, making it a little bit brighter. In the fall, when the night comes, it is pitch black. There is absolutely no light coming from anywhere from the nature. You wont even see your own feet without a lamp. That is also the time when the auroras are most powerful. The whole sky can be filled with them. For us, it is every day life, but on the other hand I feel that there is magic here every day.

It is fascinating to think what a northern light sounds like as legends tell or what it would do to you if you called it. Is it not mysterious how people disappear for a while as if something was telling us we have a very strict curfew? We are still here, it is just Lapland.

LaplanU Girl