The coldest, the darkest, the most beautiful


The charm of polar night by LaplandU Girl

A picture of the last breath

A day of 58 minutes

A mixture of sunrise and sunset 

The longing spirits

The last appearance of the sun

Following those two months

Polar night has begun

And peace is what it wants

From the last pink shimmer:

"Goodbye sun, welcome darkness"

Accept it, with anticipation, a slightly heavy heart

Oh have we missed the peace 

The most mystical art

After fall, it is time to ease

 When the night stands tall

There is time to breathe

No energy from the sun

 Time to rest

Enjoy the lights in the night

Nature's best

Shimmering daytime pastels 

The most colorful

The coldest, the darkest, the most beautiful

Nature gave us permission

Take it easy

Enjoy the display

We shall be glad of the white

Less sinister

More bright

That is the trick of polar night

The coldest nights and the clearest skies

The amazing highlight

Stars like no other

The silence flies

My arctic brother

The pastels, the "daylight"

It is just for noon

Surrounded by a long night

The stars and the moon

I know what you're waiting for

Never so much nighttime

You may have seen them during fall

The ribbons of lime

LaplandU Girl