The colors of the wind by LaplandU Girl


Inspired by Pocahontas, I stood on top of a Lapland mountain, gazing into the wilderness, with the childhood song playing on the background. The wind was blowing so hard, I could lean on it. It was so good together, I rephrased a tribute from the legend, just for Northern Lapland.

You think it's a world without magic
 And you've been to big cities
But there is so much more
Unbelievers can not see
What kind of place it is
The beauty of the secret northern land
northern land

You think this is a wasteland that we live in
Lapland is an empty place to stare
But I know all the wilderness is lived in
There's a fox, there's a moose and there's a bear

You think we are so different kind of people
You never even knew it could be you
But if you find the star trail on the night sky
You'll see things you never knew, that could be true

Have you ever heard the voices of the northern lights
Or listened to the snowy owl sing
Can you gather all the reindeer from the mountains
Do you believe in the colors of the wind
Do you believe in the colors of the wind

Come smell the arctic birch trees of the highlands
Come walk the rugged tundra of the fells
Come hear the peaceful wilderness around you
And for once, listen to the windy bells

The snowstorm and the frost flakes are my brothers
Lapland and the mountains are my home
And everyone is well-known to each other
In a village, in a place, that feels their own

When will the auroras show
If you close your eyes, you will never know
And you'll never feel the magic of the northern land
Or feel the warmth of the midnight sun
We need to love the darkness of the winter
Believing shows the colors of the wind

You wander North and still
All you'll know is bare until
You can listen to the colors of the wind 

LaplandU Girl