The cursed lake


This very real story includes a shipwreck and multiple witch-like activities. It took place this weekend at a beautiful, but ominous lake in Northern Lapland.

"there was a rainbow"

When we began our journey with my friends, there was a rainbow, that started from the top of our dearest fell, one that represents home and is important to me. At that time, we still thought, that the other end was going to be at our destination, which has a different meaning to my friend. She wanted to take us to this gorgeous place from her memories. Little we knew, how much was going to happen.

"the waves grew higher"

There really were bad signs throughout the leaving process. Crucial equipment was missing and nothing was working. We heard, that it was going to be tough at the other end of the lake, but the weather seemed calm and good so we took the boat across the lake. We were excited, but as we came closer to the center of the lake, the waves grew higher. No problem, we had seen waves before and the safety equipment were all set. We saw the shore, we were supposed to land on, but had to get closer to find a spot, that wouldn't be too steep.

"water flooding over the edge"

Two huge waves crashed us to the rocky shore filling up the whole boat in a blink of an eye. Not the engine or the oars were able to fight against that storm. It was now too heavy to move the boat with our strength and more and more water was flooding over the edge. The shore was steep like a wall and the strong waves kept the boat pushed against it. We had to save ourselves and make the boat as steady as possible. We made saving the engine the priority after saving the crew of course. At this point, it got dark really fast.

"Why don't you howl the northern lights over here?". 

The next moves were going to be made at a brighter time, so in the meantime, we made the best of it. We put up a camp and a fire and started drying some of the equipment. There was no distress among these three wilderness lodgers. Come on, we had seen worse. We were talking and singing under the star ocean with the warming flames of the campfire dancing in front of us. Then a green light in the horizon caught my eye and I turned to my friend "Why don't you howl the northern lights over here?". Lets say, she has a good connection with fauna, flora and probably much more. She stood up and did it. The auroras made a large highway through the sky all the way to the other side and the best views were above us, just like that.

"it was too late"

The next day, we went to see the boat to bail the water from it. We realized, that it was too late. The boat had a hole from crashing to the shore at night. Nothing too big to fix later, but we knew, that wreck was not going to take all of us and our equipment home. Hiking with all the stuff didn't seem like a good idea either and we knew, that another boat would come by later. 

The water was so calm, I felt the lake was making fun of us. A couple of Siberian jay flew around our camp looking for food and everything was very peaceful. We went fishing and after a while I just found myself sitting on the shore and looking at the non-existing waves with weird thoughts. There was an old rope hanging from a tree at the shore and a boot growing stuff from it. I was playing with the idea, that this must have belonged to the last victim of this cursed lake.

"a revenge curse"

Because of my intrigues about the unexplainable, I read something from the national epic of our country. With an impulse, I mumbled it out loud. This was a revenge curse, that in my wildest imagination, would be behind everything. It was supposed to wake up the spirits of the air to rage in a specific terrain. After reading, I got quiet and lifted my sight. A cold wind arrived right away making the whole lake move.  As we started to move to find shelter, my friend wondered, why did I have to do this now, us still being here. Now the place was actually cursed.

"the boat started to fill up faster and faster"

Even though, there was another boat with a crew, that came to save us, the curse of the lake made another reminder. One of our rescue party decided to drive the broken boat back. Everything was going good, the hole was basically above water all the time, with no weight on the other end of the boat. Suddenly he stopped to do something in the middle of the lake and the boat started to fill up faster and faster. The engine did not start anymore. Every pull of the starter rope was more and more painful to look at. The moment felt like forever, but in the end, the lake let us go.

Yes there was damage, but we certainly got a lot out of this journey... Memory-wise, this is something forever.

LaplandU Girl