Don't get lost in the great white


"Nature rarely hurts you"

The picture above is taken from the top of a Lapland mountain. Usually you can see hundreds of kilometres away from up there. The surroundings can change very quickly up in the North so never fully trust on what you see outside or what the forecast says. But do not fear, you can prepare for these surprises. I would never define Lapland as dangerous. It it beautiful and mysterious. Nature rarely hurts you if you are being smart.

"A winter snowstorm is a more tricky situation"

Us living here, we have plenty of experience with the weather changing suddenly. Sometimes the cloud cover lands down and blocks the sight completely. During summer or fall you might still recognize a trail or marks on the ground but nothing up ahead. A winter snowstorm is a more tricky situation to get in. The sky and the ground look exactly the same, just white. It is not always certain if there is uphill or downhill in front of you or if you are on a tilt. The trails tend to disappear too. If you move without your sight, it is on the cards that you find yourself on the opposite direction. The wilderness of Lapland really is endless and looks the same in many places, especially if it is a first time. 

"There is land there for so many to get lost in"

It is never a bad idea to have extra clothes if there is a wait or it gets cold or wet.  I would also suggest to take cover for the freezing wind if possible. Degrees are one thing that sometimes change quickly here. Fortunately there are many apps today with location and maps, not a bad idea to use if your phone is working! When it comes to navigation, pick a point of reference that is easy to recognize. Also the oldest but most reliable assurance is to inform people where you are headed. It can be extremely hard or impossible to find someone if the location is not narrowed down to some other than a wilderness area.

Surely you can predict something with forecasts and just looking if there are clouds on the sky, but do not worry if the weather sometimes surprises you. Just take it slow and watch your step if this situation comes upon you. There are steep walls, gorges and rivers all over Lapland. A wise hiker will probably find out more about their route though. Preparation is everything.

After all, I feel that the nature acting out is exciting and beautiful. It makes us stay put for a while and just watch a bigger display, something we can not help but to watch. Maybe, just maybe, we who spend time in the wilderness, just listen to what it says.

Does the nature remind us sometimes, how small we are? There is land there for so many to get lost in and stay as a mystery.

LaplandU Girl