The enchantment of the frozen ground


The bewitching first snow arrived yesterday in Northern Lapland and it is still on the ground, but there has been frozen mornings for a month already. There are definite signs of a change in the air. The impermeable darkness of the night arrives early and the earth has changed colors. The change creates strange enchantment.

"there will be no such sunrises in the horizon for a long time"

The long and snowy winter is arriving to the northernmost Finland. The picture above is taken on the first frosty morning, but there will be no such sunrises in the horizon for a long time. Early mornings are dark now. It is the time to enjoy the cosmic views of the northern sky. Soon, the sun won't rise at all and the night, that lasts up to two months, will land on us. Most of the trees have been leafless for a while now and all of the upcoming has been expected.

"you can actually listen to them freeze"

The early winter will bring its own wonders. There will be frozen ponds with clear ice cover, before the snow lands on it. The newborn ice creates beautiful art patterns on top of partly the frozen rivers and you can actually listen to them freeze. There is mystical frost over everything in the nature. The colors at the time, are the purest.

Some say, that you can smell the snow coming. At the latest, when the white flakes have arrived, you can really try to take the scent in. It has been stated, that the smell is like the scent of pure glass. Some people are totally enchanted by the first snow. It is like the magical winter wonderland has finally appeared to them. 

"it is time for the fall reindeer separation"

For many locals, in the northernmost parts of the country, this time of year is extremely busy. The season for travelers might be over, but it is time for the fall reindeer separation. The herders, their families and employees are booked around the clock, but there is communal atmosphere in the air. There are people gathering the reindeer from the mountains, fuss at the separation fence and the slaughterhouses and meat processing plants are running. There is something happening every day. The separation is an event worth checking out. 

"these activities do bring people closer, but the upcoming period might just do the opposite"

The ones, that have no business with reindeer, probably struggle with hunting and going to work at the same time or try to get things done before the winter. All these activities do bring people closer, but the upcoming period might just do the opposite. All together, fall time is busy for the northern folk. Polar night will bring the peace to the arctic villages. That time is traditionally pretty quiet and more about staying in and spending time by yourself, even though there is absolutely nothing, that would stop you from seeing people and going from place to place. 

I find it therapeutic, actually. Maybe it's really good to have variety, after all the fall time fuss. It is peaceful and atmospheric. Looking forward to it.

LaplandU Girl