The forces of the fall nature


Fall is a good time to remind people about the strong powers of nature. These forces are something to be respected, or it could go badly for you in the wilderness. Heavy rains, thick mist and strong, cold winds are characteristic for fall time. The weather will always be ten times tougher on the fells.

"if you have ignored the powers of the wild"

The area, that has Lapland mountains, is something, people tend to get lost in. The rough fall weather is not optimal for the rescuers or the lost hikers, if they have ignored the powers of the wild. Fall storms are the ones, that sink ships at sea, and also the ones, that make you freeze on the fells, without winter equipment.

"It is on the cards, that a bunch of them will get lost"

Fall makes a ton of people rush into the forests, picking berries, hiking and all kinds of things, that are close to nature. The crowd willing to explore outdoors, is especially large, when the world is experiencing a crises with the pandemic. It is on the cards, that a bunch of them will get lost. Sometimes even the most experienced berry pickers forget to prepare. Water, snacks or telephones with extra power supplies may not always be packed up, to every single day trip. Even though, there might be ten degrees, you won't survive on the fells with fall time gear, without getting a frost bite. The wind can be very extreme. A fur cap is probably needed on the highest grounds.

"it'll be a complete storm or absolutely no eye sight on the top"

When it seems windy or misty on the roots of a mountain, you can be sure, it'll be a complete storm or absolutely no eye sight on the top. That small warning, should be taken seriously and the trip should be taken on another day. Even if you have the needed equipment for surviving, at some point, when your lost, you might be too exhausted to carry on. How can a helicopter find you through a mist, or how can they fly in the crazy storm anyway? These powers are out of our control.

"six hours of wandering with very heavy equipment"

I have been lost in the mist on the highlands, exactly this time of year. It was because, we tried to find our destination just with eyesight at first. Gladly, we had everything needed; very warm equipment, a navigation system and snacks to keep us going. We even made a call to ask for directions. The hike took a very long time though, because we had gone to the wrong direction at first. It was six hours of wandering with very heavy equipment. I'm sure, just anyone wouldn't have survived as well, but we had a good spirit and stamina. 

There was actually a bad situation, when my company dropped in the freezing water through the ice. The other leg got wet with all the heavy gear and the weather was frosty. I would've had some spare socks, but no shoes. Gladly we got to this cabin and warmed up the foot by the fire. There was so much steam rising up from the sock, I though, this could've gone a lot worse. It was key to keep ourselves warm by moving all the time.

"The highland lakes can put up a real fight in the storm"

I can also say, from the heart and with first hand experience, look out for the fall wind, if you're taking a boat. The highland lakes can put up a real fight in the storm. 

In the end, fall is still a very good time to explore the wilderness, just don't ignore the sings of the nature.

LaplandU Girl