The heart of winter


The variety of the seasons in northern Lapland - mind-blowing.

The picture above is taken on Christmas day last year, right in the middle of the harshest & darkest and in my opinion the most beautiful and magical winter. Even though, the sun does not rise above the horizon that time of year, there is a different kind of day light. For a second, around noon, you can see a light shining from above the horizon, at least if you climb up a fell like this. The colors are magical.

"midwinter is what is most special about Lapland" 

This specific view is my personal favorite in Lapland, if not the world. This is where I decided to never leave. Everything amazing about this arctic desert unites in this place. The scene is different and amazing during every season, but I feel like the midwinter is what is most special about Lapland. 

The river represents a source of livelihood, nutrition and water. Since Stone Age, rivers have been important to the people living here and the shores are in all truth - the centers of population. During winter, these flowing sources of life are under a thick layer of ice. Even the craziest rapids are at least partly frozen and the noisy rivers are mysteriously quiet. Standing over the powerful white waters is a miraculous thing, when you picture the water flow under you.

"the arctic Autobahn"

The fact that you can see even hundreds of kilometers away from the top of a Lapland mountain, is so liberating. The giant wilderness areas with countless fells, covered in thick snow - the best you can get. The whole world is white out there. Crossing those surroundings is definitely peaceful. Whether it's by snowmobile, skis or maybe a pair of snowshoes, you will surely be the king of the endless arctic "Autobahn" that runs over the hills and far away.

"The inhabitants of the white "forest" "

The only traffic to encounter on the highlands of Northern Lapland during winter, is probably a reindeer herd, a rabbit or maybe a willow grouse taking off. Another blonde resident of the fells is a rare and impressive sight - the snowy owl. Something as rare but also cute is the arctic fox with its white fur. The inhabitants of the white "forest" (People here call the wilderness "forest", whether or not there are any trees there) are well-adapted to the rugged circumstances and blend in with the snowy terrain. Aren't these creatures tough? Not meters of snow or -40 degrees are enough for them to not survive. Mysterious folk.

"It was still full-on winter in May"

I'm glad that despite the past winter was lousy in Southern Finland and many other places, we can still call the period "all white" in northern Lapland. All of the snow mysteriously landed here breaking records. The first snow was in September and it stayed. It was still full-on winter in May, so we can applaud to that. I feel confident that our magical winter wonderland will continue to appear in the future. 

LaplandU Girl