The magic of Kaldoaivi wilderness


Kaldoaivi is the biggest and probably one of the least-known wilderness areas in Finland, located in the northernmost spot of Lapland. It is the arctic dream of a true hiker. These treeless highlands are the home of undying memories.

"a dream for a pro hiker"

There are more wilderness areas in Lapland, that you can count with your fingers, but not one of them compare to this little-known giant. The pictures below are taken from the North border of the area, where the highlands open up right away, even on the road. In that area, there are a lot of leafless trees that were destroyed by caterpillars years ago, making the scenery even more rugged, but also magnificent. Kaldoaivi is probably the most arctic, treeless, rugged and tundra-like wilderness area in the country - a dream for a pro hiker. These northernmost highlands are not that well-known and will offer a rare Lapland experience with several routes to choose from. 

"this huge arctic desert is so full of surprises"

The area is on the East side on top of the "maiden of Finland" and it continues over the Norwegian border. You can take a day trip, a hike through the whole area all the way to Norway for several days or maybe a few day paddling hike on a wilderness river. What makes Kaldoaivi so special, is the fact that other wilderness areas have way more known routes and sights, even this huge arctic desert is so full of surprises. It is over the half of the area of Utsjoki, the northernmost municipality of Finland. The area is basically just a lot of highland, with 200 m of height even at lower points and mountain birch as the tree species. There are extremely steep gorges as well as very round fell tops and it is suggested to have an expert with you, when you're wandering those areas.

"a longing that lasts forever"

The ones that do know Kaldoaivi, won't get bored with the same routes over and over again. A hike through this wilderness area is an idea, that won't be forgotten in one lifetime, not before you do it. The piece of nature can create a longing that lasts forever. Maybe that is the reason for the ghost living in one of the deserted wilderness cabins. He actually has his own chair in the cabin, that should not be touched. For anyone who visits wilderness cabins in Lapland, I encourage reading the guest books and possibly other information about the history and stories behind the deserted accommodation.

"a personal pilgrimage"

Kaldoaivi wilderness area is certainly a legendary destination, a place that people go when they really want to spend time by themselves. The peace that was found ages ago on those fells, sill exists, even though the locals might sometimes move from place to place a with motor vehicle in the nature. The place is not completely unknown anymore, but there's certainly still so much untouched land, that traffic won't be an obstacle for a personal pilgrimage.

During fall color time, you probably won't find bigger fields of the red ground, than in Kaldoaivi. The nature grows like a mattress on the mountains of Northern Lapland. One thing that affects on the growth, is the reindeer pasture. It is very likely to encounter those arctic crown-heads on a Northern Lapland hike. The animals, the peace, the wild waters and the magnificent mountains and gorges will make your experience in Kaldoaivi for sure.

"the most probable place to fall under the spell of Lapland"

I think that the most probable place to fall under the spell of Lapland is on a hike over the Northern mountains. Beware, the longing of the highlands might never leave your soul.

LaplandU Girl