The magic of the "express" summer


"the summer comes and goes very fast"

Every year in Northern Finland, the summer comes and goes very fast, but there is definitely magic that comes with the express period. Even though winters in Lapland are the most popular season for travelers, there are certainly people who appreciate summer more. Something about the shortness makes it more special and apparently inspirational for authors and artists to write about.

"the time of life"

The warmest time of the year in this freezing land is the time of life. In the northernmost Lapland, the sun is up all the time, because we have the nightless night for couple of months. This phenomenon is also called polar day and during that period, the sun does not go down at all. The land never sleeps. The sun and the holidays always make people more energetic. Basically during summer, we don't have to live by the clock that much. Generally, the people here are not about timing anyway and they often have very chill personalities.

"just when all this has happened, it already starts going away"

In summer, there are hikers, road trippers and fishermen even in the smallest villages, that are usually quiet. Even the local people are awake in a way that does not show during winter. In addition to people, there are birds from the South, that come every summer. The plants wake and start to go green again. But just when all this has happened, it already starts going away. This is a popular subject in poems and even songs, that is often nostalgically described.

"the mythical silence"

The traveling industry has made a trademark of the mythical silence, that can be found in the endless wilderness of Lapland. The hikers that have passed our wilderness areas have probably enjoyed it. When we talk about the furthest and northernmost Lapland, I can certainly relate to it, even the summer is the liveliest time for us living here. Think about how quiet it is then, when the snow covers the ground and the nights get dark and cold. The hikers go back to where they came from, some animals go to sleep and some go back to South and there is nothing green in the wilderness. Well, I still love it.

"we just stay, and hope that all of it comes back the next year"

After the summer, when half of the life around us is missing, we just stay, and hope that all of it comes back the next year. Thankfully, there is beauty and calm that comes with the other seasons. The next one is the fall color time, that goes away within a blink of an eye but is amazing. After that, comes the long winter, my favorite.

LaplandU Girl