The magic of the red twilight and dawn


"The nightless night is over"

The nightless night is over and we can enjoy the sun sets and sun rises in the northernmost Finland again. The nights are still short, but soon they will expand dramatically in the land of opposites. The phenomenons of the sky are amazing, especially in Lapland, where the nature and the air are one of the world's purest.

"as red as fire"

 A couple of nights ago, the sun was as red as fire. On the road through Lapland, I saw the red twilight and a few hours later - the red dawn. The redness is called "rusko" in Finland. There are beliefs about the phenomenon - the teachings of the ancient people, as we call them. Generally, the redness in the evening is considered to be a good sign when it comes to the weather of the next day. The redness of the morning - not so good. 

In Northern Lapland, I have only heard, that the red twilight will be the crappy weather of the next morning. What is interesting, is that in Lapland, I hear these beliefs pretty often and from young people too. The northern population is well aware of the myths when it comes to weather.

"our prophecy was spot on"

On the road, we were making observations about the twilight with my friend and laughing about it. We stated that these beliefs do not always come true, but this would predict rainy morning or something like that. After the trip I went to sleep and when I woke up the next day, the sky was falling down. It was raining like crazy and some time in the afternoon it stopped. I thought, this time, our prophecy was spot on. Nature does give us signs and we just have to see them.

LaplandU Girl