The return of the light


It has been two months since the darkness covered all of Northern Lapland. It is time for the endless night to step away pulling the shadow off from the head of the Finnish Maiden. The end of polar night and the first beam of the sun stand for many things and certainly calls for celebration.

"Some might even gather to see the sunrise from higher grounds"

The last encounter with the sun was at the end of November. The first time, when the edge of the sun reaches over the horizon, is counted as the first sunrise. Northern Lapland is full of fells and valleys, so the dawn might not be visible in most places. Some might even gather to see the sunrise from higher grounds. The light will spread positivity among the yawning crowd. The glory of the spring is coming, the peek of the sun confirms it. It is time to get our messed up sleeping schedules back in order. 

"the best of winter, is still coming"

 The dark moment in the heart of winter is beginning to fade away, but there are still many cold days ahead. Even if the harshest period of the year is over, the time considered the best of winter, is still coming. A lot of snow, mind-blowing brightness and mild winter weathers all spring long. 

"very introverted period"

This year, polar night must have felt especially lonely for many, because of the pandemic. The time on it's own, is a very introverted period in these northern quarters. The brightness and the hope of a better year should be super energizing this time.

"The day will get longer fast and soon"

At this time, the few hours around noon are the popular ones to enjoy outdoor activities. The day will get longer fast and soon. It is time to wake up from the polar night rest, blow the candles off and go outside. The sun is calling. Soon there will be enough light to explore nature in the evening. The highland lakes will summon ice-fishers to their favorite spring activity as well as the mountains call for snowmobile enthusiasts and the hunters looking for willow grouse, will jump on their skis.

"goodbye to the beautiful blue moments"

The return of light has many meanings. Having to say goodbye to the beautiful blue moments, pastel skylines and the peacefulness of polar night for the whole year, can feel wistful, but the energy and warmth provided by the sun will make up for it.

Let's hope for a good and long spring.

LaplandU Girl