The seven wonders of my arctic world


Explaining the unexplainable. My list of the seven enchanting wonders, that make Lapland so intriguing and mysterious.

The strange kind of magic of the nature

Someone once said to me "You need to have some superstition to live in Lapland". The nature of Lapland creates a strange kind of magic that has been brought up by many kinds of artists. People are drawn to this place and there are health impacts that come with spending time in the wilderness, especially in this northern area. When it comes to nature, there are myths and beliefs about everything.

The sleeping giants

There are only one kind of mountains in Lapland - fells. They have round peaks and Northern Lapland is full of them. There is something special on those highlands. Certain fells are considered sacred and a lot of the travel attraction comes from our beloved mountain views. As some stories say, they used to be giants.

The untouched

There are no roads or buildings, maybe a path made by reindeer in the deepest wilderness of ours. There is a mind-boggling amount of arctic desert out there and that desert is the purest you will find. The freshest water you will ever taste, will be from our fell streams. Northern Lapland is the kingdom that belongs to its animals. It is full of lakes, streams, canyons and waterfalls running free.

The hidden paradise

After the darkest and coldest period of winter, it feels like the curtains are finally open - the sun heats up your skin and it is brighter than ever. The sun is at its most powerful, when there is still reflecting snow on the ground. The air is getting warmer and by spring, you'll be able to go ice-fishing with your T-shirt on. The light creates unexplainable phenomenons - once it seemed like there were three suns on the sky.

Ruska - The colors of the fall

Change is good, I think. When everything around us suddenly change colors, it feels like a new beginning. The change from green, to yellow, to red, to brown and finally - to white, will leave us speechless. The schedule of the phenomenon can be only a few weeks.

The storm of the Northern Lights

There is something really special about the night sky under the North Star. If you spend time in Lapland, some time, maybe in the middle of the night that lasts up to two months ("kaamos" in Finnish), you go outside and see the most magical sight you will ever see. The whole sky will move, rapidly. There will be different colors and any kind of shapes you can imagine, in front of the star ocean. 

The midnight sun

A summer night in the land that never sleeps, must be one of the most romantic settings there are. The sun will stay up for the whole summer in the northernmost Lapland, which makes the location ideal for photographers, but also for anyone who likes to do night time exploring. Why not climb on top of a Lapland mountain in the middle of the night? Everything is quiet and peaceful, but the light will touch every part of the nature.

I'd like to think that Lapland is designed for spirits that demand a lot from their home. This place is important and never boring.

LaplandU Girl