The temptation of the arctic fall


Fall is the time for age-old traditions, the best time to go hiking and the time, when the auroras first appear in Lapland.

"It is mid-September and the fall colors are at their best"

Right now, the parking lots for the hiking trails are packed and there are cars parked on both sides of the road here and there. The shortest season has arrived with very special opportunities for locals and travelers. It is mid-September and the fall colors are at their best. This is a particularly good year to see the wilderness glow in red and yellow.

"breathtaking amount of red and yellow"

Basically it is cold enough to not have mosquitos bothering you or the heat making it harder to hike and climb the hills. On the other hand, it is not too cold yet to stay the night in a tent, with good equipment or even better - in a deserted cabin with fireplace. During day, there will be breathtaking amount of red and yellow wilderness and in the night, there will be stars and hopefully some northern lights. Since it got dark, I have seen the star ocean countless times and already spotted auroras a few times in a couple of weeks.

"The darkening fall also brings another great season with it - the auroras"

The colors of the fall don't go by the clock or the calendar, as the myths might say. There are weather impacts, that can bring the season early or push it later. In the end, those changes happen around September and this time of the year is usually the best for hiking as well as hunting. The darkening fall also brings another great season with it - the auroras. They are most powerful during fall. Auroras are also a phenomenon that does not happen by any schedule, but gladly, they appear pretty often in the northernmost spots of the country. Usually they are green ribbons, but as I have told before, sometimes there are mind-blowing colors and shapes moving on the northern sky.

"Hunting is big for the locals as well as the travelers"

Hunting is big for the locals as well as the travelers, that are after the willow grouse. In Lapland, it is possible to hunt small animals, moose and bear. A huge portion of the locals hunt moose and some of them are after the greatest beast of our forest too. The bird hunting has begun and the thing in Lapland is definitely willow grouse. This species is rare and prohibited in most areas in Finland, but in Lapland, it is the ruling species for the grouse. There is also a similar grouse called ptarmigan, that likes it in the most arctic conditions around the year.

"The first snow is one of the most beautiful events in fall time"

It is a special time for hunting moose too, because the district, where the hunt has begun, is very limited. Basically there is Lapland and a couple of communes that allow moose hunting already in Finland. Soon, there will be a break in the hunting period and after that, it'll be allowed in other areas too. For now, there is no snow on the ground, but last year it came in the end of September, so early fall is the easiest time to move by foot in Northern Lapland. The first snow is also one of the most beautiful events in fall time.  

"hiking used to be more about hunting and fishing"

As the locals still think, hiking used to be more about hunting and fishing. This time of year, fishing is centered at the lakes in Lapland, because salmon fishing at the rivers is not allowed anymore. Most of the travelers stay away from catching fish or other animals and focus more on the beauty of the nature. The thing today, is to leave the nature be untouched.

As I have probably made clear earlier, I'm really fond of the fall. I feel like this season is the beginning of something new. The first snow is definitely magical and always surprising. Fall always gives me a better night sleep and brings me the thing I love the most - the stars and dark nights. There is definitely something enchanting about the fall color period, that can be really good for just ten days or so.

LaplandU Girl