The time of the wandering souls in Lapland


The leaves have fallen from the trees and it is said to be the time of year, when souls wander on Earth. Our country does not celebrate Halloween like some others parts of the world, but I decided to find out, if there are some mystical vibes in the arctic air anyway.

"the ancient celebration is thousands of years old"

Throughout history, many cultures and parts of the world have had a certain type of celebration this time of year. The common factor is the memorial of the passed ones. In our country, the ancient celebration is thousands of years old. There was no certain date for the festival and a day certainly did not cut it, the harvest feast used to be something outstanding. 

These days, the Feast of All Saints might light up the grave yards in oceans of candles and some of us might dive in memories from the past, but mainly, there will be no trick or treating. Nothing too stagy. For many here, it is just a normal day or a peaceful public holiday.

According to those ancient traditions, the whole month used to be mystical with its magical and dark nights. Wouldn't this be the perfect time to explore Lapland, the area that is said to be famous for its magic? Where else would the nights be darker or more mystical, than in the land of the upcoming polar night? 

"the carriers of the souls"

Alright, so looking for the mystic vibes, how about finding a special place from the wilderness with your intuition as a guide? Maybe a spot with specific meaning or an outstanding rock or tree. According to some beautiful old beliefs, they all have a life. Admiring the wander of the souls required a special spot to calm down in my mind. I have places in the nature, that are special to me and that I sometimes need to go back to. That camp will probably become one. 

Leaving out some treats for the animals seemed like a good idea. Giving something back to the nature, like the ancient nations around Finland used to do, sure was well received. We where just looking to spot and feed a few Siberian Jay, but somehow my friend invited a whole flock of birds - the carriers of the souls. A colorful couple of Siberian Jay made the first contact around the camp right after we lit up the fire. The good luck charms had arrived. Later there was a raven flying in the distance.

You can interact with them, it's no joke. Just try to learn a few animal shouts and they just might summon all of their friends. Suddenly, the ravens where starring the display. It's not my first time to spot birds like that, but they where making voices and flying all around us, everywhere. What a fun thought, if it had something to do with the time of  year... Am I right?

Happy Halloween and beautiful last day of the mystical month!

LaplandU Girl