The unexplainable world-class fishing waters of Lapland


"many breath-taking catches"

Lapland is blessed with unexplainably great fishing areas. There are endless amount of beliefs when it comes to fishing. Some people spit on the hook, some avoid bright color clothes, some stay quiet, some believe it's a specific weather or the time of a day, but every fisherman is a different kind of catcher. The stories might sometimes be a little exaggerated, but there are many breath-taking catches that have been testified.

Lapland really has the best salmon fishing river for at least in Europe - Teno. The river is famous for the large individuals, over 20 kg. It really is a shame that all the records are not reported, because there have been many catches over 30 kg and people swear that even 40 kg limit has been broken. People travel here every year and they are after those preys.

"it is such a rush"

Salmon is a greatly appreciated fish here, at the dinner table as well as at the river. Many of the local people eat only one kind of fish, and that is salmon caught from the beloved Teno river. I eat every kind of fish but some of my friends might just make a weird face when I do.  There is also something exciting about salmon fishing compared to other species. The species is not that easy to catch, but when you do get a big one, it is such a rush. When your fishing line just starts running out, you know it. It will certainly take a long time to get a 20kg salmon tired. 

The northern land of ours is also the home of great graylings. They swim in the rivers, streams and lakes all over Lapland. The fishermen catch individuals from 50-60 cm, even though 30 cm is sometimes full-grown for the species. The arctic char with its beautiful red stomach and the wild trout are also trademarks of the Lapland fishing waters.

When it comes to listening to someone explaining about their fishing trip, you should always keep a little doubt in mind... They are not always accurate. Especially in Lapland, they have a habit of adding just a little extra to the stories, what ever they are talking about. I myself find it hilarious.

LaplandU Girl