Three myths proven real


We have a great share of unexplained myths, but gladly, some of them are scientifically proven to be true and some of them have been found out to be correct by experimenting in the northern wilderness.

The voices of the northern lights

The northern lights do make a sound, the voice has been measured. No idea though, how that kind of crackling sound comes out. In Finnish words, northern lights mean the fires of a fox (fire fox is actually a mythical creature). In Lapland, they are considered the fires of the sky. Fire does make a crackling sound, right? Auroras can also be linked to the bird species Siberian jay. The species does have a beautiful color and movement, which may be the reason, but the voice is not their strongest quality. In some beliefs, northern lights are the souls of the passed ones or something even more divine. If we want to believe in the unexlainable, the voices of the northern lights could be the voices of gods or human souls. Still waiting for explanations.

Circles in the blizzard

It is proven, that people tend to slowly turn at right or left, when they lose their sight or a point of reference in the wilderness. In the end, you'll probably find yourself at the same spot. It is the trap of the mountains. The weather can really put you up for a test, because there is no wind shield on the highlands.  A blizzard or a mist can suddenly make you blind. Even the most experienced wilderness explorers have found themselves very lost in a familiar terrain. Most of these stories end in a situation, where they have to admit the defeat to the powers of nature and stay still. After the storm, they'll probably find out, that the mountain is not even the one, they thought it would be. When you know, there are hidden gorges around, you won't feel like going blind.

Once, we were driving towards a Lapland mountain with a snowmobile. The weather blocked our sight anywhere further, than two metres. We drove about 15 minutes straight forward and stopped to wait it out. We had turned 90 degrees to the wrong direction. Without any landmarks, it is terrible to navigate with just sight. One time, we were deep in the wilderness finding our destination by foot. The scene was flat swamp-like terrain as far as the eye could see. Everything looked the same. We were running out of battery, when we realized, it was the opposite direction. We turned and such a thick mist fell upon us. We could basically see our feet. In the end, we survived by following a river. This was still not my worse experience. Once I was driving alone in a blizzard. I managed to get over two fells and finding the spot, where the others were waiting. I could only see the ground under the skis of my snowmobile, so I could only try to follow a trail. Without the trail, no chance. I was thinking of shielding myself from the storm and waiting for a rescue, but I went walking speed and stopped every once in a while to feel the tracks under me.

Everything tastes better in the wilderness

This one has been found out to be true so many times and in so many scenarios, it is amazing. No one ever disagrees, when we grab a bite on a mountain trip by the fire. The best burger I ever had, was made and enjoyed on the top of a beautiful fell. If we compare this burger to something I would make at home or order at a restaurant, it was extremely simple and not the best quality. Lapland surely added to the taste. Very simple things like coffee or a sausage, just taste better out there. I didn't really even enjoy eating sausages, until I started to pack them up for hikes and other outdoor trips. I know this is weird, but I don't really like chocolate either, unless it's packed up as a snack up on the highlands. What a friend and a treat out there. This could totally be psychological, but I'm sure there is something unexplainable in the air here. 

Some frozen vegetables and wieners, fried on a pan at the campfire, turned up to be a surprising treat. We had a break at the base of a fell and made this quick dinner with friends. It was funny, how looking at it made us so hungry and we ate it like it was from a five star restaurant. All the work must add to the pleasure. These weren't even close to the best wilderness snacks; locals like to take smoked reindeer or moose with them to grill at the fire. Dried reindeer and moose are also a common outdoors snack around here. You can just imagine, what they taste like. I have to say, these people really know how to enjoy life!

Still a mystery

As a lover of the unexplainable, why wouldn't I like mythical things proven real. There is still a lot, that remains as a mystery, about these myths. The fact that food tastes better out there in the wilderness - only experiences, absolutely no firm explanation. There is no idea, how the voices of the northern lights are formed or a confirmed reason, for why people start going circles when they get lost in the wild. Something to think about.

I'll say, that the powers of the nature are magical and they're always talking about the magic of Lapland...

LaplandU Girl